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Jacob Grier, the Portland, Oregon-based founder of Aquavit Week, shows how to make a Dill Collins in this short video from Tales of the Cocktail: “If you take a classic cocktail like the Collins, and substitute an aquavit for the gin, you get great results.”

Harry Sheff of Cocktails & Cologne meets up with Gamle Ode’s Mike McCarron and Brennivin’s Joe Spiegel at Marvel Bar in Minneapolis for some aquavit cocktails and an early sampling of barrel-finished aquavits: “Holiday on Rye is the Holiday Aquavit [finished] in barrels that previously held 45th Parallel Distilling’s New Richmond Rye Whiskey. […] Like the legendary first batch of Holiday Aquavit, this is made for sipping.”

Writing for, Jacob Grier introduces readers to aquavit and singles out Gamle Ode as one of ten great brands to try: “…it’s his flagship Dill aquavit that steals the show, with a clean, unmistakable dill aroma. It’s unlike any other spirit on the market, and is one of the best aquavits available in the United States.”

Heavy Table and Mike McCarron announce the results of the Gamle Ode, Du Nord and Bittercube Winter Cocktail Contest: Get recipes for winning recipes featuring all three of Gamle Ode’s aquavits.

Gamle Ode Holiday makes Chicagoist’s list of “Our Favorite Winter Drinks”: “Aquavit has suddenly become trendy again, as Midwesterners rediscover their Scandinavian heritage.”

Food historian and Nordic cooking aficionado Patrice Johnson writes about how to “Make your own Swedish smörgåsbord” in the Star Tribune: “For the spirited side of this gathering, reach for locally made beer and, most important, aquavit. From New Richmond, Wis., 45th Parallel distills three flavors of Gamle Ode aquavit, including a dill that pairs beautifully with rye-dill blini.”

Time Out Chicago recommends Gamle Ode Holiday in its “15 cool Midwest liquor bottles to give as holiday gifts” story: “Giving your gin-swilling friend or craft beer–drinking pal booze for the holidays is a no-brainer. But these awesome liquor bottles (all made in the Midwest!), are more unique gifts.”

Playboy asks eight experts for their favorite shot & beer pairings and Gamle Ode Dill makes the list: Jacob Grier’s pick: “The dark and sweet Anchor Porter makes a rich backdrop for Minnesota’s Gamle Ode Dill Aquavit, fragrant with its namesake herb as well as caraway and juniper.”

Gamle Ode Dill Aquavit is featured in an Old Fashioned cocktail variation recipe in the Star Tribune: Bartender Blue Ballard of Eat Street Social combines Gamle Ode Dill with a peated single malt, rosemary honey syrup and orange bitters.

Carstens Smith, writing for Ingebretsen’s, the famous Scandinavian deli and meat market in Minneapolis, talks to Mike McCarron about aquavit: “Mike suggested sticking to tried and true uses of aquavit – drink it with friends and stay warm in the winter.”

Wisconsin Public TV’s Ingaborg’s Smorgasbord mentions Gamle Ode in an episode on Scandinavian cooking with local ingredients in winter: “It’s traditional to serve aquavit as an accompaniment to your smorgasbord. For a local variety, try Gamle Ode Dill Aquavit made in New Richmond, Wisconsin.”

Wisconsin Public Radio’s Rich Kremer on 45th Parallel, the distiller of Gamle Ode: “In Wisconsin we’re known for our love of beer and brandy. But a micro-distillery in the small city of New Richmond is breaking that mold by making an ancient spirit with Scandinavian roots.”

Gamle Ode’s Mike McCarron is profiled in the Minneapolis Star Tribune article, “‘Free Agent’ is New Face of Workforce”: “A year ago [Mike McCarron] launched a business, Gamle Ode, that makes a clear Scandinavian liquor called aquavit. McCarron spent about a year perfecting the recipe. He has sold more than 2,000 bottles in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and he soon will sell bottles in Illinois.”

Gamle Ode is called out in the Wall Street Journal’s “Ultimate Weekend in Minneapolis” travel story: “Beneath bustling restaurant Borough, you’ll find Parlour, with wingback chairs and a cocktail list that leans toward the adventurous. The Pickle in the Middle is an easy sipping cocktail made with Gamle Ode, a locally produced dill aquavit.”

Jacob Grier calls Gamle Ode “one of the most innovative and imaginative craft spirit brands in the United States”: ”Created by Mike McCarron, based in Minnesota, and distilled in Wisconsin, Gamle Ode produces a Dill Aquavit that I named… “Best New Spirit” for 2012. Now Mike has two more aquavits on the market.”

Bourbon Guy Eric Burke interviews Mike McCarron and reviews Gamle Ode’s Holiday Aquavit: “…Once I tried it, I was pleasantly surprised. The well–balanced flavors won me over.”

Harry Sheff from Cocktails & Cologne gets one of the first tastes of Gamle Ode’s new Holiday Aquavit: “Unlike the standard formulation, the Holiday Aquavit has orange peels, mint, and allspice added to the mix. That and it’s finished in barrels that held wine. If ever there was an aquavit meant to be sipped like cognac, this is it.”

Portland bartender and blogger Jacob Grier names Gamle Ode his “Best new spirit” of 2012: “I tasted many aquavits with many people in the second half of this year, and Gamle Ode was a consistent standout. Its dill aroma is spot on and it sips very nicely from the freezer or mixed into a simple Collins… In 2013 I predict more new aquavits and more bartenders discovering the spirits’ versatility in cocktails.”

Bartender Nick Kosevich offers Minnesota Monthly‘s Rachel Hutton a preview of the first annual Fine Spirits Classic: “We’ve been working with Mike McCarron of Gamle Ode Dill Aquavit lately and that product is amazing and unique only to the Minnesota market right now. It’s a unique spirit that is more versatile than I could have ever imagined.”

Heavy Table’s James Norton interviews Mike McCarron: “[Mike McCarron’s] spin on aquavit is a premium beverage in both price (about $30 a bottle) and flavor — it has none of the acrid, lacerating, heavily spiced notes that some of its rougher cousins present, instead breathing out a sweet cloud of dill that smells garden–fresh.”

Portland bartender Jacob Grier examines the US aquavit scene for Culinate: “The newest entrant to the American aquavit market is Gamle Ode, a dill–flavored aquavit that hails from Minneapolis and is distilled by 45th Parallel Spirits in Wisconsin. Owner Mike McCarron produces the spirit to recreate dill aquavits he enjoyed during smørrebrød dinners in Denmark.”

Harry Sheff from Cocktails & Cologne talks to Mike McCarron about how he started Gamle Ode: “Gamle Ode, one of a small but growing number of American takes on aquavit, is unique in the market in that it is dill–driven.”

Beth Dooley, in a special piece for the Minneapolis StarTribune: “Minnesota, the land of 10,000 Scandinavians, is now home to the first American–made Danish aquavit.”