Holiday Aquavit

Holiday Aquavit

Following the Scandinavian tradition of jule aquavits, Gamle Ode presents Holiday Aquavit.

Gamle Ode Holiday Aquavit is a specially crafted spirit released once a year in limited quantities. The Holiday Aquavit builds on Gamle Ode’s unique dill, caraway and juniper recipe, adding a holiday mélange of orange peels, mint, and allspice. The base spirit is redistilled with the spices and finished in wine barrels until it is a robust red-brown color. All the color comes from the barrels.

The flavor is complex. Even if you’re familiar with barrel-finished aquavits, you may be surprised by the Holiday Aquavit’s unique dance on the palate: a hint of dill and caraway followed by lemon and mint, embraced by the warmth of oak and orange with an herbal finish.

Like our Dill Aquavit, the Holiday Aquavit is infused and distilled at 45th Parallel in New Richmond, Wisconsin. We start with 45th Parallel’s five–star Vodka and infuse it with our botanicals. Then we redistill it and finish it in barrels on site.

Drink the Holiday for any special occasion, be it in December or April. Sip it like you would a fine cognac or scotch, or try one of our recipes.

Holiday Aquavit is bottled at 42% alcohol by volume (84 proof)