Celebration On Rye

Celebration On Rye
Following the success of the Holiday on Rye Aquavit, we also barreled and are now releasing our Celebration Aquavit on Rye.

Beginning with our Celebration Aquavit recipe of dill, caraway, juniper, coriander, vanilla bean, star aniseed, and citrus from orange and lemon peels infused in a corn-dominant 45th Parallel produced grain alcohol base–then redistilled. Next we finished the Celebration Aquavit in American oak barrels that were used once to age 45th Parallel’s New Richmond Rye Whiskey for 16 months to gain an elegant yellow-brown color and rye spice influence. We then bottled this aquavit at a higher ~100 proof to provide the bartender and drinker more of the full spirit. This effort combines the best of both worlds: Scandinavian aquavit and American rye whiskey.

Key ingredients of corn and fresh dill are grown from three farms located within a twenty-five-mile radius of our distillery, as locally sourced as possible, used in true small batch, handmade production. We’re tremendously proud of this aquavit, perhaps the first of its kind in the 600-year history of the spirit.

We sincerely hope you enjoy these true flavors. Share it with your family and friends.

Don’t just drink responsibly, live responsibly.

All Gamle Ode aquavits are infused and distilled at 45th Parallel in New Richmond, Wisconsin.

Celebration on Rye Aquavit is bottled at ~50% alcohol by volume (100 proof)