Vienna Agreement Driving License

The main provisions relating to driver`s licences are in Schedule 6 (national driver`s licence) and Schedule 7 (international licence). The current active version of this version is in effect in each contracting party no later than March 29, 2011 (Article 43). Under the 1968 Vienna Convention, internally displaced persons must have an expiry date of no more than three years from the date of issuance or until the expiry date of the national licence, with the earliest date being chosen and for a period of one year upon arrival abroad. The general objective of these international agreements and agreements, which are custodians by the SECRETARy-general of the United Nations, is to facilitate international traffic while ensuring a high level of safety and environmental protection in transport: in most cases, driving a car or motorbike in these countries can only be properly examined and obtained local rights; either upon receipt of a special authorization by the approved body that presents a national driver`s licence; or perhaps the use of national rights, as well as a certified translation. There are other options, but it is necessary to find out for each country. But haste to escape the traffic police under international law, because the question is whether you need an international driver`s license. An international driver`s license is required in addition to certain driver`s licenses. If you are not sure that your driver`s licence can be used in Norway without additional documentation, we recommend that you obtain an international driver`s licence in accordance with the Geneva or Vienna Conventions (grey book with white pages) before your arrival date. One of the fundamental principles of the convention was the concept that a driver always has total control and responsibility for the behaviour of a vehicle in traffic. [6] This requirement is being challenged by the development of collision prevention and autonomous driving technologies. [Citation required] However, you have the international driver`s license does not mean that you can drive a car around the world.

Are you out of your mind? Read carefully, then everything becomes clear. Article 41 “Driver`s License” Vienna Convention on Road Traffic 1968: All written above is very beautiful and convenient for Russian travelers, owners of national rights. But in practice, there are discrepancies with this theory. Some countries have not ratified the Vienna Convention, despite its signature, and continue to stubbornly demand international law to drive, or even to recognize the right only on its territory. However, these legal requirements and procedures, contrary to international law, are doomed to fail, but such a situation is still present, especially in Europe. Sometimes the problem can be solved on the street or at the police station and proven innocent by references to international law. But there`s another problem. “Rolling” Bureau may deny you a rental car if you don`t have international rights, because it`s up to them to give that a car, and who isn`t, and no international laws they don`t. An international driver`s license is only one form – an A6 book format. Here`s how to determine the international driver`s license “Vienna Convention on Road Transport, 1968” (Rev. 2006).

Requires presentation to the local police and payment of a special registration upon arrival – IDP must be exchanged for a local driver`s license. The internally displaced person is not valid for driving in the country or jurisdiction where it was issued, it can only be used abroad and must be declared with the carrier`s initial driver`s licence. It turns out that the national driver`s license (i.e. the usual Russian law), issued on the territory of the Russian Federation, meet these requirements. In addition to your national licence, you need an international driver`s license if the Vienna Convention provides for different categories of vehicles.