Sample Business Debit Card Agreement

If you use your card (s) for a transaction, i.e. you give a payment order with the card, you are required to refund the transaction amount. To this end, you allow us to deduct the corresponding amount from your PayPal balance. If we receive the payment order one business day after 16:00 local time, the payment order is considered the next business day. The turnaround times (as defined below) are only executed when a payment order is considered received. In the absence or inadequacy of the balance available to finance a transaction, you authorize PayPal to withdraw the amount by direct debit from your bank account, to credit that amount to your PayPal balance and to use it immediately to finance that transaction. This agreement (“agreement”) is a legal agreement between you and PayPal (Europe) LLP and Co., S.C.A. (“we” or “PayPal”). In particular, we do not charge cross-border fees or exchange fees for payments made with your or your cards. If the cash payment or withdrawal with your card contains a currency exchange made by PayPal, Mastercard exchange rates are applied with the recipient`s bank on the day of the settlement.

Please consult the Mastercard Currency Conversion Calculator for mastercards. Monetary conversion fees as a percentage of the benchmark rates issued by the European Central Bank are available here. c. You requested a refund within eight weeks of the date the balance was debited to your PayPal account. You bear the burden of proof that these conditions are met. The refund is linked to the total amount of payment made by card. If you use your card to purchase goods or services or to get money from a reseller, the merchant may try to get a pre-authorization from us for the transaction. If the merchant makes a request of this type, we set your PayPal credit for the amount of the pre-authorization application for up to thirty (30) days (which may vary in some cases the amount of the actual purchase depending on the dealer). This blockage can affect the availability of funds in your PayPal account.

If you allow a reservation and you do not purchase this item as planned, the authorization may result in a freeze for up to thirty (30) days. All bookings involving an incremental pre-authorization adjustment result in a freeze of this amount for up to thirty (30) days from the adjustment date. We are not liable if the transactions are not concluded because of the blockage. If the pre-authorization requirement is deducted from the actual booking amount, we will charge the actual amount of the booking on your balance PayPal. For example, you have a U.S. dollar credit in your PayPal account. If you make a payment with your card to a reseller in the U.S., we will not use this dollar credit. The amount of the transaction in U.S. dollars is converted to EUR and we will only use your EUR credit in your PayPal account and possibly the amount of the EURO that we deduct by direct debit for the payment of your bank account. (see section 8). We prioritize your balance PayPal for a payment with PayPal and we only deduct the amount of your bank account by direct debit, as long as the balance is not sufficient.

Your card can be used by resellers who accept Mastercard.