Cat Foster Agreement

a) Arrange for them to be promoted by another person who is not yet kitten Rescue Foster until they are placed in fixed homes, or as soon as you fill out the Foster community form below, we will install you in our system and issue identification numbers for kittens. All of our maintenance cats have identification numbers for tracking, accounting and data. By entering into a partnership with Kitten Rescue, you agree to abide by the terms of this agreement, as outlined below: 12. If I can no longer take care of my cat/chaton, I will do so too: 5. I will keep the cats I feed inside at all times. I agree that CC4C is not responsible for any injuries, damages, losses and/or medical expenses caused to myself, a family member or a visitor to my home in connection with my cats adopting CC4C. Community caregivers, such as our regular nurses, must have their nursing cats fixed (castrated/castrated), tested for feline leukemia (FeLV) and fiv, vaccinated, dewormed, flea-treated and flea-picked before being brought up for adoption. We can offer all necessary vaccinations, worm medications and flea treatments free of charge, but you are responsible for fixing and testing, although we can help you by referring you to low-cost clinics or clinics that offer a discount for this program. Thank you for opening your heart for cat care. Without your love and care, these animals would have no future. By accepting the Stray Cat Alliance`s caretakers (here called “SCA”) and/or receiving assistance from the Stray Cat Alliance to place cats you have rescued, you agree to respect the marine swallows of this care agreement, as described below: I understand that the purpose of this care relationship is to provide social care and loving care to this (s) cat (s) and that I will be responsible for the supply of food and waste.

I understand that I cannot buy additional kittens/cats for care without the prior permission of my sponsor. CC4C is not responsible for medical expenses for unauthorized kittens/cats. 2. I understand that Kitten Rescue may revoke this agreement for non-compliance with a kitten provision or other rescue directive or procedure, at the time of which clause 12 (b) takes effect. 13. If my kittens/cats are abandoned in the future by their adoptive father, I agree to take them back until the reintroduction. We require community caregivers to pay for the prepaid chip registration fee (US$10/chat) and this will be refunded after adoption if you place the chat through our organization. E-Mail – I understand that cats in my care can bite, scratch or otherwise injure people or property. I understand and take full responsibility for any injury caused by every cat for which I am responsible.