California Shpo Programmatic Agreements

If the Caltrans District finds that the seismic Retrofit Program affects a historic property or if an objection cannot be resolved within 15 days, caltrans District is established in accordance with the S.A.S. X.C. In the event of disagreement, the Caltrans District will act in accordance with Stipulation X, except that the response times for the consultation are 15 days instead of 30. In 1995, FHWA, Caltrans, SHPO and ACHP reached a programmatic agreement on programmatic implementation of NHPA Section 106 compliance under the California Seismic Retrofit of Bridge Structures Program, which is considered an emergency program. Since the implementation of the Retrofit Earthquake program, public and toll bridges have been modernized, but the local Bridge Seismic Safety Retrofit Program is still in effect. Given that the federal provisions for 36 CFR Part 800 have changed since 1995, this agreement replaces the retrofit seismic agreement and updates the applicable provisions that provide for accelerated compliance to comply with the rules in force in 36 CFR Part 800 and are inserted in Appendix 7 of this agreement. Caltrans complies with the provisions of this agreement to determine the potential of the seismic upgrade project, to influence historical properties. This provision remains in effect until CSO informs the SHPO, ACHP and other parts of the Board that all actions have been completed under the local Bridge Seismic Safety Retrofit Program or that this contract has been terminated. When the property is demolished, the Caltrans District consults with the CSO and shPO to determine if the property contains significant architectural features that can be reused, displayed, interpreted or managed. If such features exist, caltrans District, in agreement with CSO and SHPO, and the owners, will develop measures to ensure that selected features are eliminated in a manner that minimizes damage and re-equips them to an appropriate portion for curation and reuse. Qualified to assess historical properties, with resources other than archaeological. Can produce evaluation reports for all types of non-archaeological resources and other compliance documents, and conduct supervision and contract management, with peer review by a Principal Architectural Historian, to ensure the quality of the documents.

Minimum Qualifications: By: Michael J. Farrell, Colonel, District Commander of the United States Army If the proposed undertaking requires the demolition or replacement of a bridge, an eligible or listed building, building, building or object, the Caltrans CSO and SHPO District and, if applicable, its owner consult with the owner for a period of no more than ten (10) days to determine whether this property can be implemented and whether a marketing plan can be implemented implemented.